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Customer reviews for Lenovo IdeaPad U300s Best Seller

A high-powered, ultra-slim designer Ultrabook.

Average customer rating:
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Customer Reviews for IdeaPad U300s Best Seller
Review 1 for IdeaPad U300s Best Seller
OverallOverall Rating 
4 out of 5
4 out of 5

Light, sleek, and fast, but screen is so-so

Date:May 19, 2012
"I recently purchased an IdeaPad U300s at Fry's Electronics to replace an unreliable HP Pavilion dv7. I got the one with an Intel Core i7-2677M processor, 4 GB of RAM, and a 256 GB SSD.
The good thing about the U300s is that if you are willing to put up with the sacrifices that are typical of all ultraportables (namely, small screens, limited ports, and not being able to carry all your files on your system with you), the U300s is a terrific choice.
Although not quite as jaw-droppingly beautiful as the MacBook Air, the IdeaPad U300s's design is lightweight, elegant, sleek, and perfect for business professionals who need to look more serious than flaky Asus or Apple users. To borrow a term from the car world, the IdeaPad's fit and finish is excellent. Like most Lenovos, the keyboard is well-made and makes typing very comfortable.
As numerous reviewers have noted, the IdeaPad U300s always runs quiet and cool, even under extremely heavy processing loads. It has an unusual cooling system design that sucks in air through the keyboard and sends it out the sides rather than the bottom, so one can use the IdeaPad while sitting in bed without having to worry quite as much about blocking cooling vents.
The 256GB SSD drive is spacious enough for almost all my data except my library of digital photos, so I carry only my two most recent years of photos on-board and keep the rest on a 500 GB Seagate GoDesk USB 3.0 portable hard drive which I also use as a backup drive.
After using it for a month, there are only a few major annoyances about the IdeaPad U300s, which is why I'm giving it four rather than five stars.
First, the screen could be better. The trend nowadays is towards glossy screens with high resolution, even on ultraportables, but the IdeaPad has a matte screen with a relatively low resolution of only 1366x768. As many reviewers have noted, if you are nearsighted (like me), you may notice minor "grid" artifacts on the screen which are a common problem among Lenovo screens. You will get used to it, but it does take some getting used to. However, I knew when I bought the IdeaPad that I was going to be using it plugged in at home most of the time into an external monitor (I eventually bought a 25" HP 2511x), and that the onboard screen was only for work away from home or office, so the screen issues are not a big deal for me.
Second, the IdeaPad's Intel integrated graphics and dual-core i7 processor are good for word processing, media browsing, email and Web surfing. But the i7 visibly strains and becomes saturated under heavy workloads like running OCR on large PDFs or editing large photos in Photoshop. Fortunately, I don't run those kind of tasks too often.
Third, Lenovo's IdeaPad u300s's Web site is terribly incomplete. For example, because I knew I was going to be using this computer at home and on the road, I wanted to buy a spare AC adapter that would sit at home, but the IdeaPad u300s Web site does not show one available for this system. Through carefully targeted Google searches, I eventually figured out that the correct product was the Lenovo 65W Slim AC Adapter, Part No. 0B66260 (it's available in Lenovo's online parts store), which is an exact match to the one that comes with the system. I bought it online, it showed up three days later, and it works fine.
However, the Web pages for both the IdeaPad u300s and the 65W Slim AC Adapter do NOT show that the products are compatible with each other. The only way to be certain is to separately search for and look at the support overview page for Part No. 0B66260, which does show it is compatible.
As an expert computer user, I was able to figure this out and now I'm happy, but most users would not, and this is a very serious error on Lenovo's part. Having a second AC adapter is essential for ultraportable users who will want to plug-in at home to access all the good stuff that can't fit into such a tiny chassis---i.e., a bigger screen, flash memory card reader, DVD/CD drives, full-size speakers, full-size keyboard, mouse, large conventional hard drive, laser printer, etc. Considering the price points and markets that the IdeaPad U300s is aimed at, one would think that Lenovo would have anticipated this issue well in advance.
Fourth, but this is a problem with Lenovo systems in general, there's no fingerprint reader. Those are included as a standard feature on Dell and HP systems nowadays. It was a big annoyance going back to password authentication after having enjoyed six years of swift finger swipes with HP systems.
Overall, I'm very happy with my purchase and would recommend the IdeaPad to anyone looking to purchase an ultraportable, with the above caveats in mind."
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Review 2 for IdeaPad U300s Best Seller
OverallOverall Rating 
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
2 out of 5
2 out of 5
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Hershey, PA
Owned Product:1-6 months
Processor:Intel Core i7
Memory:4 GB or more

Great, but not without problems

Date:August 14, 2012
Pros: Weight, Screen size, Build Quality, Battery, Processor, Memory, Keyboard/peripherals, Storage
Cons: Support, trackpad, speakers, intermittent freezing
"The speed, mobility, and aesthetics of this powerful laptop are awesome. I LOVE how quiet it is and that it doesn't overheat even when left on my bed. The keyboard is excellent--one of the features that sold me on it. I am a med student and needed a laptop that could last for my entire stint in school if not longer. After ~5 months I am still happy with my purchase. However, it is not without drawbacks. Here they are:
1) cost - student discount of 10% doesn't make a huge dent in the hefty price tag
2) the trackpad can be erratic & adjusting the sensitivity did not help
3) the speakers are terrible - sounds tinny even at low volumes
4) no SD card port - didn't think this would annoy me but it does considering how expensive this thing was
5) about 1 out of every 10 times I login the mouse is frozen; to fix it I have to close the lid, open it, and login again
6) Lenovo support can be hit and miss*
As I said, other than these issues I am happy with my laptop!
*The first U300s Lenovo sent was defective. There was an obvious buzzing sound from the moment I first fired up the computer and when keys in the upper left hand corner of the keyboard were pressed, it sounded like an electric razor. A rep from Lenovo tech support told me this was a "customer perception issue." In other words, she suggested I was imagining things or that my expectations were unrealistic. Incensed, I tired of arguing with her and called customer service to return or exchange the computer. The customer service rep was great and assured me that if I had the same problem with the second one I could return it without paying the $250 restocking fee."