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Customer reviews for Lenovo ThinkPad X220 Top Rated

12.5" ultra long-lasting & ultra-compact notebook for all-day mobile business.

Average customer rating:
4.58 out of 5
 out of 
(119 Reviews) 110
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Customer Reviews for ThinkPad X220 Top Rated
Review 1 for ThinkPad X220 Top Rated
OverallOverall Rating 
2 out of 5
2 out of 5

Great Design, Poor Performance

Date:April 11, 2012
"I really, really wanted to like this computer. I've owned over a dozen Thinkpads over the years. I use a T420 as my work machine, and this was going to be a game/movie/kid-safe machine. It has exactly the same CPU, memory and graphics as my T420, and the exact same keyboard and controls, which I really liked.
However, this is the little machine that couldn't. I noticed right away that the screen was significantly dimmer than my T420, even with all the power settings maxed out. If I put the X220 on maximum brightness (15), it is the same as the T420 on level 11 or 12, in other words much dimmer and washed out. Same for the volume. Max volume (50) on the X220 is the same as around 30 on the T420. To be fair, the T420 has much larger speakers.
But the real problem is the graphics. The X220, even with the second-generation I5 Core chip, just can't handle HD graphics. I tried it with Netflix, YouTube, and even Quicktime, and it stutters and chokes on all three. Even worse, when I play a child's game (nothing fancy), the four CPU's go to 90%, the fan shoots to high, and *really* hot air comes flying out of the vent.
In short, this puppy really needs a graphics card. I had hoped that the Intel 3000 would be an improvement over the old 2000, but apparently not.
Again, I really hated to send this guy back, but for almost $1000, I expected a machine that could zip through a Spongebob video without breaking a sweat. This isn't that machine. Sorry!"
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Review 2 for ThinkPad X220 Top Rated
OverallOverall Rating 
4 out of 5
4 out of 5

Light, solid machine with one small glitch

Date:February 23, 2012
"I have owned and used by X220 for about six months and consider it a real workhorse. Great display quality, wonderful keyboard (perhaps the best of any laptop, a Thinkpad tradition). I like it better than my previous light machine for the road, an X201.
The only problem is an odd one. With some memory intensive programs, such as Excel, the display has trouble keeping up. In Excel, for example, on a larger worksheet the rows will bunch up and can't be read, or rows will unexpectedly be transposed to cover the ribbon, so that they and the ribbon can't be read. This seems to be a limitation of the built-in graphics chip, the Intel HD Graphics 3000. It should be adequate for these straightforward business tasks; 64 megs of video RAM are built in. Yet, those big files, in both Excel and also, surprisingly, in Word, can tie themselves up. When that happens, the only solution is to close the program and start over.
If you need graphics clarity for all business purposes, you would be wise to consider this issue before buying the X220."
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Review 3 for ThinkPad X220 Top Rated
OverallOverall Rating 
5 out of 5
5 out of 5

light, powerful and well priced

Date:February 24, 2012
"1. price:
I should mention that I bought it on January sale and it cost me 1850$ with tax. at that time the best next price with this configuration was more that 50% more expensive. this is the how i customized it:
Intel Core i7-2640M Processor (4M Cache, 2.80 GHz)
Genuine Windows 7 Professional 64
Microsoft® Office 2010 preloaded (needs a Product Key)
12.5" Premium HD (1366x768) LED Backlit Display, Mobile Broadband Ready, 2x2 Antenna
8 GB PC3-10600 DDR3 SDRAM 1333MHz SODIMM Memory (2 DIMM)
Intel 160 GB Solid State Drive, Serial ATA
ThinkPad Battery 29+ (6 cell)
Intel Centrino Advanced-N + WiMAX 6250 (2x2 ABGN)
Integrated Mobile Broadband - Upgradable
4YR Onsite + 4YR ThinkPad Protection warranty
2. function:
I am a PhD student and I do a lot of processing. I mainly use MATLAB. this system is unbelievably fast, especially because of solid state drive. it boots in less than a minute and it took just 5 minutes to install MATLAB! (the shortest time I had experienced was 30 min)
3.weight: very light.I think it is less than 2 kg.
4.screen size: I had a 13.3'' laptop before and I'm at home with this 12.5'' screen, but if you are used to larger screens, you may not like it. anyway, I think this is the optimized size for its weight and processing power. as of resolution, I think it is great (1366x768). although I do not have very high graphic needs (playing games, watching films, Photoshop,etc)"
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Review 4 for ThinkPad X220 Top Rated
OverallOverall Rating 
5 out of 5
5 out of 5

Rocketship? I ordered a laptop!

Date:February 23, 2012
"Lenovos Thinkpad x220, rocketship, laptop or a fabled beast escaping the flames of hades. It was that wonderful time again, my previous Thinkpad was getting a bit dated and I wanted something a bit smaller to carry around. Enter the x220, more power than its predecessor, in a smaller package and with longer battery life.
Oh and did it ever preform; the x220 packing an Intel i7 2640m, an Intel SSD and 8GB of ram packs an incredible punch in such a small package. This laptop borders on being ostentatious with just how much power is packed in side and I have put it through its paces. This machine can handle such grueling tasks as forwarding over 10,000 packets per second on its ethernet interface and running AES 512 bit encrypted storage while still being functional. Do you run virtual machines on the go, in non-turbo mode running up to 3 VM's without a latency hit is a snap, fire up turbo mode and you can run an astonishing 6 or 7 VM's without a latency hit.
I forget how small this laptop is every day, all it takes me to remember is to pickup any other Lenovo laptop. Some of my friends prior to purchasing this dream machine stated things like "the large delete and escape keys are annoying" or "That trackpad is terrible". Its true, the large delete key and the insert key position were annoying... for the first day, after which I forgot entirely about their placement and size. As for the trackpad, its certainly not the most favorable new addition to a Lenovo laptop, however much like the escape and delete keys its something I have not thought about after the first 20 hours of use elapsed.
The configuration I brought home was a 6 cell + the 6 cell slice and it truly is the best of both worlds for my use case. The slice is charged and ready to go at all times in the event I need to run out with little notice. I meander around my house while working and my x220 is plugged in and unplugged often. Battery life is insane, I consistently get roughly an hour per battery cell on this if I am not doing anything crazy. Packing the slim cell battery, its easy to go an entire day without a charge, which is huge considering all but a few laptops rarely provide more than half a dozen hours of use.
Given the demands of my personal and professional life I have already put my x220 through the ringer. By day I use this machine to assess and penetrate the security of my employers clients and it preforms multiple tasks admirably. By night I watch movies, play games, video chat, surf and often fall asleep with it on my lap. Once I drift into dream land, I hop onto my x220 rocket ship and ride it too the moon!"
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Review 5 for ThinkPad X220 Top Rated
OverallOverall Rating 
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
2 out of 5
2 out of 5
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Ann Arbor, MI
Owned Product:Less than a week
Operating System:Windows XP Professional