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Customer reviews for Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet Series

Average customer rating:
3.636 out of 5
 out of 
(22 Reviews) 21
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Customer Reviews for ThinkPad Tablet Series
Review 1 for ThinkPad Tablet Series
OverallOverall Rating 
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Victoria, Australia
Owned Product:1-6 months

Essential business tool

Date:July 15, 2012
Pros: Durability, Software compatibility, Build Quality, Display performance, Display resolution, Input/Output compatibility, Processor, Included software, Memory, Keyboard/peripherals, Storage
Cons: Battery
"The lenovo thinkpad tablet is the ultimate business tablet, the tegra 2 chipset provides excellent speed while the usb host port and the stylus provide access to essential business tools such as having proper signatures entered directly on screen and the ability to directly interface with pretty much any USB device."
Review 2 for ThinkPad Tablet Series
OverallOverall Rating 
4 out of 5
4 out of 5

Sturdy business tablet

Date:June 18, 2012
"This tablet is very well made but it might be a little on the heavy side compared to other tablets in the market. Cosmetic wise, this tablet has a matte feel on the back which provides good grip. The screen is crisp and clear for everyday use. It also comes with a 5MP back camera no flash included and a 2MP front facing camera. One must consider the fact that this tablet is mostly business oritented. It comes with hardware buttons unlike other tablets that only provide software buttons. The stylus comes seperate, and it's a great addtion when used in note taking apps. Business oritented apps are also included on this tablet.
The current software on the tablet is Honeycomb, though an update to Google's Ice Cream Sandwich is in the works.
So in the end, if you're looking for a business oriented tablet, the Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet is your best choice. I gave it 4 stars only because the tablet is on the heavy side, other than that it's a perfect tablet."
Review 3 for ThinkPad Tablet Series
OverallOverall Rating 
1 out of 5
1 out of 5

Tablet only looks good...

Date:June 12, 2012
"I reviewed this tablet on the 9th of February, with my first impressions. I feel that I now have much more experience with this tablet.
The OS is very very flaky. I cannot navigate on the web without the browser closing on me. The CPU is very under powered to handle all of the third party lenovo apps. I have not installed any games or other apps with the exception of Citrix goto meeting and 2xClient to remote desktop to my server. I have tried to integrate this tablet into my work, but the note taking with 'digitized' pen doesn't really work well. The speaker is worse than I originally thought, I find myself cupping my hand around it to create the enclosure to increase the decibels...
The screen is very laggy, too slow.
Moreover, Android 4.0 was supposed to be released in May of 2012, May passed and the certification date for USA as published by Lenovo was then pushed to June 10. Still no ICS.
The gallery pics disappear half the time. My internally stored pictures just become not available until I restart the tablet.
I can leave the tablet on the charger all night and still only get about 79% of a charge... which I guess isn't bad, but I can watch maybe 1 movie and drain it about 60%.
My exchange email will not sync with this device periodically, (while my android phone syncs just fine during these mysterious outages)...
The only thing that I really like about this tablet is the build quality. I love the feel and the screen. But the auto brightness doesn't work well on this... it never really adjusts.
Sorry Lenovo, but I had extremely high hopes for this tablet, I did extensive research and waiting to see which tablet would be right for me. My W20 laptop is amazing, I love it. But the tablet is very much lacking."
Review 4 for ThinkPad Tablet Series
OverallOverall Rating 
4 out of 5
4 out of 5

ThinkPad Tablet

Date:May 28, 2012
"Great tablet. At times has slow response but overall not bad. The speaker is probably the only major negative on the tablet. Expecting ICS 4.0 will enhance performance when released."
Review 5 for ThinkPad Tablet Series
OverallOverall Rating 
1 out of 5
1 out of 5

bad product

Date:May 28, 2012
"I have been using Lenovo think pad tablet for 5 months and let me give you my experiment. This device really bad for business it has so lag with a keyboard, brows, touch screen Lenovo said the Lenovo think pad has gorilla glass and my screen has so scratches I only use the pen nothing else which means the glass is weak on the other hand the think pad is really heavy and heavy such as a laptop if Lenovo wants the device heavy it should have full specifications and long battery live also when you put the device to the charger it takes a long time to charge . Stay away from this product there many new tablet better than this"
Review 6 for ThinkPad Tablet Series
OverallOverall Rating 
1 out of 5
1 out of 5

not worth the money!

Date:May 11, 2012
"In comparison with other tablet I use from another manufacturer this tablet seems like a lemon. The applications constantly force close. Typing on the on screen keyboard has so much lag it is unbearable. Web browsing is slow and sites that have any complex product search engines rarely work and if they do they are so slow that you can not truly use this to be productive. I don't know of it is the hardware that has issues or the operating system (honeycomb), nevertheless this product is unrefined. The note taking pen is worthless you are better off typing your notes into after market apps. I bought it because I felt that the ports would be advantageous, I have yet to use them. In retrospect a tablet without all of these peripherals would probably boot faster and operate faster. I am only hoping that if they ever update to ICS like they keep talking about that it will run faster. In my opinion stay away from this product, there has to better choices."
Review 7 for ThinkPad Tablet Series
OverallOverall Rating 
4 out of 5
4 out of 5

Great tablet great value

Date:April 24, 2012
"The Thinkpad Tablet is an excellent Android tablet and can hold its own against the other big name players. The screen is bright and extremely legible in any lighting. As with other tablets, the speed is acceptable and overall everything about the tablet is very good.
The only gripe I have is the wireless. The wireless is not even as strong as my Samsung Epic 4G phone and other wireless devices I own. The wireless on this tablet cannot locate the home wireless network if the SSID is not broadcasting. To me, that's a security flaw for something that's suppose to be business use. I have to keep the broadcast enabled in order for the wireless to connect and once it does, it connects very fast.
However, turn off broadcasting and restart the tablet and it cannot find it; even if I'm in the room where the antenna is (I have a Linksys E4200 router). This is the reason why I cannot give it a 5 star rating.
Nevertheless, to end this on a positive note, I'm still happy with the tablet and would consider buying another again."
Review 8 for ThinkPad Tablet Series
OverallOverall Rating 
3 out of 5
3 out of 5

Decent..but lacking

Date:March 30, 2012
"I've had this tablet since the product was released. It's not a bad device, there are just many out there that are better. We were testing various devices for our work environment and this is what I picked based upon my experience w/ the Thinkpad line over the years.
Stand out deficiencies -
- Terrible speaker, can barely hear it at full volumn and quality of sound is poor. Compared to iPad or Xoom, it's aweful.
- It's slow. Web browsing, app starting, etc. Again compared to other devices.
- It's bulky. I don't mind, it's built very well, but it may bother others looking for a more sleek/slim tablet feel.
- SD Card reader, hasn't worked well for me and has been disappointing.
- Boot time - slow compared to everyone else. Very frustrating when I've been sitting next to another tablet and just waiting for it to boot...
- I get "application is not responding, wait/force close" a lot more than I've seen on other tablets I'm testing.
So, that's the bad. The good (and other notes)
- Nice screen, looks great.
- Pen works well, although I find little use for it.
- Built in ports (usb, micro usb, hdmi, etc.) all handy.
- Durablility. It's build very well.
- Keyboard/case option is nice for typing, makes it just like a little laptop.
- Apps, comes w/ decent apps for business use and security purposes. (encryption included)
- I have noticed better performance w/ recent updates. Still has some catching up to do tho.
- App Shop is mediocre.
- Switching apps is great and this part works well on the TP Tablet.
That's all - not a bad tablet but I wish I would have picked something else most of the time. As I'm using this and others are sitting next to me using ipad or other popular droids is when I notice it the most... For the same money there are better, faster, nicer devices.