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Customer reviews for Lenovo ThinkPad X220 - Best Selling & Top Rated

Performance computing on-the-go Get up to 23 hours of battery life with our fastest, ultraportable under 1.36 kg.

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Customer Reviews for ThinkPad X220 - Best Selling & Top Rated
Review 1 for ThinkPad X220 - Best Selling & Top Rated
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5 out of 5
5 out of 5
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
5 out of 5
5 out of 5

Best ThinkPad EVER!

Date:05 July 2014
" I have bought/used many ThinkPads for my office work, family and friends (R61 15", R61 14" wide, T61, X61, T400, X200si, Edge 10", X201) and it is the best ThinkPad ever!
Is predecessor from X60 to X201 suffered the heat problem due to it's size which make harder for air to flow inside. But X220 have never suffer this problem coz it comes with a large heat sink and 2-air vents chassis design. X220 is much more lighter than T&R-Series ThinkPad. It is also more durable that T&R-Series because T&R use MG-Alloy as a skeleton which helps enduring the pressure force but outer chassis was make from Carbon fiber and SEPC combine with its higher weight make it vulnerable to drop and bump force.I've cracked the Carbon fiber chassis 2 times. The keyboard is great as always , no ridiculous layout like X230 and X240. TrackPoint is much more productivity to navigate. With ThinkVantage System Update, installing Windows and drivers have never been easier!
Hope lenovo design laptop like X220 again.
Review 2 for ThinkPad X220 - Best Selling & Top Rated
OverallOverall Rating 
5 out of 5
5 out of 5

The Mercedes of Laptops

Date:22 June 2012
" I have owned about 20 laptops in my twenty year career as a technology sales person.
Right out of the box this lap top impressed me. Lightweight, epic battery life and the durability of a mercedes Diesel engine. Tough, no nonsense and practical.
I did have a hard drive crash month two of ownership, but Lenovo was on it and replaced with out issue or downtime. That is a true test of a product. Everyone has a mistake, I got a bad drive, they stood by it!
no problems since. Great product, highly recommend. "
Review 3 for ThinkPad X220 - Best Selling & Top Rated
OverallOverall Rating 
5 out of 5
5 out of 5

Amazing Laptop

Date:15 June 2012
" Pro:
Keyboard, Screen, Weight, Size, Specifications, Build Quality
Trackpad "
Review 4 for ThinkPad X220 - Best Selling & Top Rated
OverallOverall Rating 
5 out of 5
5 out of 5

The Ultraportable Standard

Date:15 June 2012
" If you think notebook computers should be small, light and packed with performance and features, then the X220 is for you. While I was disappointed that it is slightly bigger than a "netbook", the additional features normally found only on larger noteboooks make the X220 a winner.
The keyboard, as on all Thinkpads, is a dream. It is nearly fullsize and laid out like a "real" keyboard. It "feels" as good as a high qualty fullsize keyboard.
Not sure whether I like the matte finish on the outside. It looks nice but doesn't clean up as nice and readily as the traditional Thinkpad glossy finish. I suppose it is less slippery when handling, though. I really like the inside finish and feel of the unit. Just wish that were the outside finish as well.
In less than 5 minutes after opening the box, this computer was participating on my home LAN. As part of the initial setup, the X220 saw my two home networks and offered to connect to one of them. That was all it took ... no more messing with the network.
Battery life is amazing compared to other notebooks I've used. The computer can be used all day before charging.
The display is beautiful, crisp and clear. I like that there is no latch to fumble with when opening the lid.
The performance is also outstanding. I did get the highest performance CPU available and 8 GB of RAM so that helps. It has the normal 7200 RPM disk drive and would really scream with a solid state drive, I'm sure.
I'm also undecided about the ThinkVantage Tools and Lenovo Device Experience add-ons to Windows 7 Pro 64. Mostly they just seem to be another alternative to the Windows 7 user interface which is unnecessary baggage as far as I'm concerned. I'd rather have the simplicity of the Windows interface. The add-on tools should only provide features that aren't already in Windows.
Overall, I love this computer as I do the X100e which I still use three of. "
Review 5 for ThinkPad X220 - Best Selling & Top Rated
OverallOverall Rating 
5 out of 5
5 out of 5

Great Compact Powerhouse

Date:14 June 2012
" Extremely compact, lightweight computer with lots of computing power. Very good battery life and options for battery capacities to handle international air travel.
This a great computer for technical professionals who travel. It has the computing power to handle extremely large spreadsheets with external data links. Although the computer is very light and compact for traveling the keyboard layout does not feel cramped or awkward. The touch pad is the only negative and takes getting used to after using the X201 with upper and lower buttons. It is easy to inadvertently contact the lower edge of the touch pad as it wraps around the front edge of the computer which causes very erratic behavior of the cursor. The "eraser head" has been a reliable alternative for quick cursor placement. "
Review 6 for ThinkPad X220 - Best Selling & Top Rated
OverallOverall Rating 
4 out of 5
4 out of 5

What's new: + AND -

Date:12 June 2012
" I read most of these reviews carefully before deciding (the reviews of the 1X, that I really wanted to get, turned me to the 220). I just came from an x61, so here's what's new that I think others have not mentioned:
1. keyboard is wider (owing to lengthening of screen), so important keys are bigger: esp. good are big Delete, Tab, Enter and Shift. A big improvement over the x60s. Typing seems smoother; keys are more 'sticky'. Also a bit more space between keys (or maybe bigger keys, take some getting used to. (The new screen is NOT an improvement for academic and business types (which this machine is built for). MS is making Office more and more top heavy and the screens just keep getting shorter and wider. There's only one thing that comes naturally in the new wide screen sizes: movies! Not what we want this machine for. 220xs worst feature. (You can rotate the screen 90 degrees and read long docs that way; a cool idea, but of course editing is not possible.)
Other nice things: the keyboard light is better placed and brighter: much more useful than the x60 light. (But come on, we need a back-lit screen, guys.) Also on-off light on the Cap Lock key and others are nice touches. Lots of Lenovo extras in the software make this a very cool machine.
Also it's very good of Lenovo to host these reviews. They must be hard to read sometimes but they are invaluable buying guides from people who have actually used the products.
Review 7 for ThinkPad X220 - Best Selling & Top Rated
OverallOverall Rating 
3 out of 5
3 out of 5

Loyal thinkpad user, but disappointed

Date:29 May 2012
" I love Thinkpads. As a woman who likes to travel light, I've been an avid and loyal business user of the X-series for 10 years now. The keyboard is the best out there and the Lenovo Trackpoint beats a finicky, inefficient touchpad any day. Lenovo's red trackpoint is the #1 reason I keep coming back. That and the small 12.1" screen size.
However, I was disappointed when I upgraded my X200s to the X220 because of 3 things:
(1) The slightly bigger screen size, form factor, and weight. Lenovo increased the screen size to 12.5." I was hoping to actually lose some weight with my upgrade, but instead, I got a heavier laptop. Seems odd in the world of MacBook Airs and Ultraportables. Also, the alternative with Lenovo woudl have been the x130e at a smaller 11.6" screen size, but for some reason that STARTS at an even heavier 3.93lbs. No thank you.
(2) The laptop was finicky from the start. The screen periodically "blacked out" before resuming its normal display. And then one day it went to a gray, streaky screen. Only after I unplugged the battery and restarted twice did I get a normal display.
(3) The battery life was supposed to be 7hrs+. Whether this is true, I will never know. The battery display kept altering how much time I had left on the laptop -- from 7hrs to 11hrs to 3hrs... I never knew what was the "true" amount of battery life left. Very inconsistent and odd.
Sadly, I returned the X220. I wanted to love it but it just felt a little too big and heavy for what I wanted in my next-generation laptop. It was also acting up in a way that made me realize it was not a reliable machine. Now that 12.1" screens seems to be a thing of the past -- the industry seems to be conforming around 11.6" or 13.3" screens -- I need to make a choice.
For me, I am going to hold off on a new laptop for a few weeks until the next round of Ultraportables get released in June. The next computer I get will be the X230 from Lenovo at a 12.5" screen size (great battery life, great keyboard, but bigger/heavier than my liking) or the new UX21A from Asus at an 11.6" screen size (mediocre battery life, no trackpoint, but a very slim/modern/light form factor that resembles the MacBook Air). Decisions decisions.... "
Review 8 for ThinkPad X220 - Best Selling & Top Rated
OverallOverall Rating 
5 out of 5
5 out of 5

Best computer I have ever owned

Date:23 May 2012
" Amazing battery life, light, reliable. By far the best computer I have ever owned.
I love the ability to add a mSATA SSD. Now this laptop has the startup time like the macbook air! it now wakes up from sleep in about 5 seconds.
I do wish that it had a higher resolution though. My laptop I bought in 2001 had a 1600x1200 resolution, which is much higher than the one in this laptop.
When combined with my android phone with wireless tethering, I can do work absolutely anywhere. I was stuck in traffic once and pulled into a rest stop and did work for a few hours without any worry that the battery would run out. "
Review 9 for ThinkPad X220 - Best Selling & Top Rated
OverallOverall Rating 
5 out of 5
5 out of 5

Great PC

Date:12 May 2012
" I love the X220. It's fast, powerfull, yet lightweight. Performance is great. I have had no issues with the computer so far. I would highly recommend Lenovo and the Thinkpad X220. "
Review 10 for ThinkPad X220 - Best Selling & Top Rated
OverallOverall Rating 
5 out of 5
5 out of 5

Best ever

Date:08 May 2012
" After purchase had some trouble with a loud fan, but after weeks of writing on the forum about the subject, lenovo came with a solution , so now i cannot imagine wich 12 inch laptop can compete withbthis magnificent machine : solid, fast, reliable, durable. Just this : buy a unit with gorilla glass, beter angle viewing, but isn't that a aproblem
Mybunit is a core i5, 4 gb ram,
This laptop is a keeper, think it is for years of use
Thanks lenovo
Review 11 for ThinkPad X220 - Best Selling & Top Rated
OverallOverall Rating 
5 out of 5
5 out of 5


Date:28 April 2012
" I bought my wife an X220 and compared to my Dell, it has got it going on! So much so that I bought myself an X220 as well.
I like everything about it.
1. Lightweight (my dell is like an anchor). It does not stress my elbows as I race from one gate to another at airports.
2. 12.5" Screen is just big enough for travelers, and does not get smashed when the tool sitting in front of you decides to fully recline.
3. Fits perfectly on the Seat trays on planes and I can still set my drink next to it.
4. Mouse Pad is an adjustment but once you get used to it-it completely rocks. BTW, I could never use the Dell version of the mouse pad, it just never worked for me.
5. Fast, and I mean fast-both boot and shutdown are rocket fast compared to my Dell (soooo slow).
6. Not loaded down with all kinds of junk software that you have to manage and delete.
7. Battery lasts forever!
8. Screen resolution is magnificent, none better, not even a Mac.
1. No optical drive. But...with jump drives, who really needs one.
2. Customer service is a little off. The jury is still out.
2. Hmmmm.
3. Can't think of anything else.
Seriously if you travel and have to lug a machine all over North America, it should be this one. I even like it better than my Mac Air. Completely worth the Ca$h.
I feel like Ferris Bueller here but...seriously why are you still reading this review, go buy one now! You won't regret it! "
Review 12 for ThinkPad X220 - Best Selling & Top Rated
OverallOverall Rating 
5 out of 5
5 out of 5

Runs Anything

Date:25 April 2012
" If you're looking for something as good as the X130e, but less strapped for cash, look no further. Buy the X220 with the i7 and WiMAX card. It's the best deal out there, provided that it's still twixe as much as an X130e without a coupon.
I've had the laptop for six months already, and it runs video games like Mount and Blade flawlessly. If you upgrade the RAM, the Intel integrated video performs just as well as a discrete video card. "
Review 13 for ThinkPad X220 - Best Selling & Top Rated
OverallOverall Rating 
5 out of 5
5 out of 5

Great solid Lapotp

Date:25 April 2012
" Purchased an x220 for our CEO. It is a solid laptop that is fast and well designed. I have always been a Lenovo fan - and finally got our CEO to switch from a competitor to an x220. He is a very aggressive user and goes through laptops yearly. I expect the x220 to hold up better than other brands due to smart construction and design. "
Review 14 for ThinkPad X220 - Best Selling & Top Rated
OverallOverall Rating 
5 out of 5
5 out of 5


Date:17 April 2012
" Smooth keys, quick working. Great use for professional environments. "
Review 15 for ThinkPad X220 - Best Selling & Top Rated
OverallOverall Rating 
5 out of 5
5 out of 5

keeps getting better and better

Date:16 April 2012
" I have been a thinkpad owner and user since the 600E ( and that laptop still runs fine) The thinkpad series are great. Designed and built the way I use a laptop, with care but still things happen. And with the x220 it is like taking my desktop anywhere. I do wish there were more volume from the speakers. "
Review 16 for ThinkPad X220 - Best Selling & Top Rated
OverallOverall Rating 
2 out of 5
2 out of 5

Great Design, Poor Performance

Date:11 April 2012
" I really, really wanted to like this computer. I've owned over a dozen Thinkpads over the years. I use a T420 as my work machine, and this was going to be a game/movie/kid-safe machine. It has exactly the same CPU, memory and graphics as my T420, and the exact same keyboard and controls, which I really liked.
However, this is the little machine that couldn't. I noticed right away that the screen was significantly dimmer than my T420, even with all the power settings maxed out. If I put the X220 on maximum brightness (15), it is the same as the T420 on level 11 or 12, in other words much dimmer and washed out. Same for the volume. Max volume (50) on the X220 is the same as around 30 on the T420. To be fair, the T420 has much larger speakers.
But the real problem is the graphics. The X220, even with the second-generation I5 Core chip, just can't handle HD graphics. I tried it with Netflix, YouTube, and even Quicktime, and it stutters and chokes on all three. Even worse, when I play a child's game (nothing fancy), the four CPU's go to 90%, the fan shoots to high, and *really* hot air comes flying out of the vent.
In short, this puppy really needs a graphics card. I had hoped that the Intel 3000 would be an improvement over the old 2000, but apparently not.
Again, I really hated to send this guy back, but for almost $1000, I expected a machine that could zip through a Spongebob video without breaking a sweat. This isn't that machine. Sorry! "
Review 17 for ThinkPad X220 - Best Selling & Top Rated
OverallOverall Rating 
5 out of 5
5 out of 5

X220 - Man with the Machine

Date:10 April 2012
" Best Laptop with power, ruggedness, battery and style.
I am running Windows 8 Consumer Preview and works flawless.
I Love working on this laptop. I take this to coffee shop,work,home and is always in my backpack in car trunk along with my SLR Cam. "
Review 18 for ThinkPad X220 - Best Selling & Top Rated
OverallOverall Rating 
3 out of 5
3 out of 5

Poor reliability

Date:09 April 2012
" I've owned many Thinkpads over the years. Some IBM, and the last three Lenovo. I never had any problems with the IBM's. I have an eight year old x31 that still works.
My problem is with the Lenovo's. I have two x100e's and a recently purchased x220. One of the x100e's had a hard drive and memory failure after a couple of months and had to be returned for repair. While I love the x220, it just broke - and I've owned it three months! It won't even power up.
Lenovo needs to improve their QC - two out of three failures is unacceptable! Hence I can't recommend. "
Review 19 for ThinkPad X220 - Best Selling & Top Rated
OverallOverall Rating 
4 out of 5
4 out of 5

Good Business Machine

Date:05 April 2012
" This is a no frills no pretty aesthetics machine but it does the work. it is quiet does no heat up like most laptops when processing large amount of data.
the logo is not steel it actually plastic and it tends to peal off easily which was disappointing so i had too super glue it back on . However that does not affect system performance in any way . Overall good buy
Review 20 for ThinkPad X220 - Best Selling & Top Rated
OverallOverall Rating 
5 out of 5
5 out of 5

Love my new X220

Date:13 March 2012
" Awesome machine, great upgrade from my Vaio.
Rock solid, got it with all the bells and whistles, i7 processor, solid state drive...thing is fast.
Keyboard is excellent, keys feel great, way better than any other laptop
Love it, love it, "