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Customer reviews for Lenovo ThinkPad T520

Top performer with more room to work in the office or on-the-go.

Average customer rating:
4.671 out of 5
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Customer Reviews for ThinkPad T520
Review 1 for ThinkPad T520
OverallOverall Rating 
5 out of 5
5 out of 5

Old Reliable

Date:05 January 2015
" Been using a T-series laptop for many years now primarily for business and now for personal use. Still love the track point feature, reliability, and durability. Great product. "
Review 2 for ThinkPad T520
OverallOverall Rating 
5 out of 5
5 out of 5


Date:21 June 2012
" my last laptop was dual core, this is a quad.
This is thinner than my last, and best of all "lighter" It is possible to get bigger and better, and still be less weight!
best of all is the little red, scroll throttle in the middle, makes all uses more simple, I still have to remind myself to use it sometimes.
Review 3 for ThinkPad T520
OverallOverall Rating 
5 out of 5
5 out of 5

Awesome work Laptop

Date:13 June 2012
" Have used several brands prior.
This one has out performed the others, especially Dell.
Review 4 for ThinkPad T520
OverallOverall Rating 
5 out of 5
5 out of 5

Solid and Reliable Business Laptop

Date:30 May 2012
" After opening the package for the first time I instantly felt the difference in build-quality with Lenovo brand ThinkPad laptops. The Think Vantage suite is a nice feature, my favorite application is the Password Vault. Along with the optional Fingerprint Reader, it is a very secure place to store private information.
As a student studying engineering the T520 offers the multitasking capability to tackle multiple graphic intensive applications.
Also another important feature is the long battery life. This becomes essential for being able to go from class to class without having to plug-in the laptop. The unique ThinkLight feature is a nice addition that helps you see the keyboard and other objects in low-light conditions. Speaking of the keyboard, the keyboard is incredibly nice to type on and offers good feedback and responsiveness. The i7 core processor makes for solid performance and quick processing speeds necessary to open applications quickly.
My only complaint may be the weight of the laptop combined with the 9-cell battery, it is a fairly hefty package to lug across campus. "
Review 5 for ThinkPad T520
OverallOverall Rating 
5 out of 5
5 out of 5

Solid State Joy!

Date:09 May 2012
" The solid state drive takes the word fast to a whole new level! What a joy to use...and the screen is super clear. Ease of use of keys mouse pad are excellent. For the price and value I rank this one of the best portable laptops! And...did I mention fast! "
Review 6 for ThinkPad T520
OverallOverall Rating 
2 out of 5
2 out of 5

Slow and strange

Date:28 April 2012
" Pros:
Computer is well made, solid. The display 15.6 in. (1600x900LED) is crisp and bright, matte, comfortable to use in sun light. Especially like the small LED light next to the camera. Very handy in dark conditions. Keyboard is fine too. Connectivity OK. Big Pro - works with Linux out of the box. Installed SuSE 12.1 - everything works fine, including most FN buttons, camera, mic, etc. Keyboard is nice. Battery OK. Big but not that heavy.
Slow. In Linux even slower than in Windows 7.
CPU frequency never goes over 800MHz. This laptop has core-i5-2520M processor and 4GB RAM. Never uses more than half of the RAM. Fan is quiet all the time, but speed is low too, all the time. Definitely something wrong with this Lenovo. All the fancy diagnostics didn't find a problem anywhere in the hardware. Probably the hardware is OK by itself but the overall system design is deficient.Still can be used, but $1000 is way too much for such mediocre performance.
Display has strange colors too. Although bright and crisp, there is something wrong with the blue color and an overall blue - violet hue on the display.
All in all - usable, but a big disappointment.
Review 7 for ThinkPad T520
OverallOverall Rating 
4 out of 5
4 out of 5

Great Business & Family Laptop

Date:25 April 2012
" Daily I use a T400, but also purchased the T520 for business and for the family. Knowing what my T400 (in the past, R54, T32, T40, T42) have all stood up to, I was confident that the T520 would withstand the abuse a 2 and 7 year old would give to it.
I have one issue with the battery feeling loose and actually clicks when walking with it. Called tech support and had a new battery at my house within 48hrs but did not resolve the issue.
It's funny playing with the kids at BB and FS when they are pushing Toshiba and Sony laptops. Lenovo's are available there as well but they say they are not a good manufacturer. They don't even know who made the thinkpads prior to Lenovo arrggghhhh
Overall Very Please with another Thinkpad in my household. "
Review 8 for ThinkPad T520
OverallOverall Rating 
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Owned Product:1-6 months
Operating System:Windows 7 Professional
Processor:Intel Core i7
Memory:4 GB or more


Date:24 April 2012
Pros: Durability, Build Quality, Input/Output compatibility, Support, thinkbvantage support, ordering options
" Great performance. Support is very good. Lenovo ThinkVantage tools are excellent for software/driver updates. I am a big fan of the Trackpoint rather than the pad for pointing accuracy. Lenovo had the best ordering options (over Dell and HP). I recommend the T520 for anyone looking for a full featured laptop. "
Review 9 for ThinkPad T520
OverallOverall Rating 
5 out of 5
5 out of 5

Robust and Durable

Date:21 April 2012
" This is an excellent laptop, it may not always win the contest for best looks but it is a workhorse! I have owned many laptops over the years and this one has the most consistant performance. Love the feel of the keyboard, the solidity of the chassis, the quality of the build, and the stability of all components. This happens to be my work laptop but if I were to change jobs I'd be buying one of these with my own money. "
Review 10 for ThinkPad T520
OverallOverall Rating 
5 out of 5
5 out of 5

One beast of a computer

Date:20 March 2012
" This thing can handle anything you throw at it. With the i5, 8 gigs of memory, a 250gb ssd in the msata slot under the keyboard, and a 500 gb ssd replacing the standard hard drive, this is all I need when it comes to performance. The Intel 3000 graphics provide enough for me, and are enough to play games on my occasional downtime.
As for battery life, I can go nearly all day without having to charge it if need be, and it charges quick enough for an on the go life. I have always liked how thinkpads are styled, and this one feels solid and suites my taste very well.
Now for the downsides...
no usb3.0
low res screen, but my desktop has three 23" monitors in a nice array, so maybe I'm just being picky. 1080p would have been nice though, and would have looked great on a 15" screen
One last thing...the Lenovo "Turbo Boost" does nothing but speed up your fan, and the programs I like (speedfan) refuse to control it.
Now for my final thoughts
Lenovo has kept IBM's quality. I was weary about upgrading after my old and beloved IBM T42 became obsolete, but I love my new computer. The T42 now runs Ubuntu (and loves it by the way) and is still in working order, just like the day it was bought "
Review 11 for ThinkPad T520
OverallOverall Rating 
5 out of 5
5 out of 5

Couldn't Be Happier With My T520

Date:18 March 2012
" I have had my T520 for four months and couldn't be happier with it. The sales representative who helped me was great; a couple emails and a phone call configured the machine with all the features I was after. And it was fun tracking it's travel status from factory to my home at Christmas time.
I opted for the solid state hard drive, which is absolutely silent and fast. This was an issue with my previous name brand laptops which would be busy working away on something other than what I was doing, slowing the machine down. It's fast to start up, the keyboard is solid, not clanky, the 15.6 HD screen is awesome, the speakers are quite good for a laptop, and I appreciate the lack of bloatware that comes with other brands.
I like having both the touch pad and eraser head tracking devises, I move from one to the other without thinking about it. The 9 cell extended life battery lets me work the entire day unplugged if I chose to. I use this machine as my desktop, so I appreciate it's solid overall quality, and it's weight is not an issue for me.
My wife has had multiple Thinkpad X series computers for the last 15 years or so. She travels and likes the light weight ones and is pretty tough on them. She also has the ability to make any technology go haywire, so she has used the technical support service a number of times. They are usually US based and always quickly available and helpful.
We were concerned when IBM sold this division a few years ago, fearing the quality might diminish. But that concern proved to be unfounded. We believe Lenovo makes the best laptops on the market. "
Review 12 for ThinkPad T520
OverallOverall Rating 
5 out of 5
5 out of 5


Date:18 March 2012
" My company upgraded my workstation to a T520 3 months ago, and I have decided to buy one myself. I work with engineering groups and need to be able to access programming environments, use graphic tools, and other processor- heavy tools. I am not often amazed by speed differential, but this machine is fast and the widesceen visibility is great. Other reviewers have made several legitimate points about use of the latest technology USB, cost of memory, keyboard layout and weight, but I find these issues to be related to the price point, and I don't have time to do much upgrading myself. With Lenovo service I can get to work right away. Thanks, Lenovo! "
Review 13 for ThinkPad T520
OverallOverall Rating 
5 out of 5
5 out of 5

Think Pad T520

Date:17 March 2012
" I am not a computer geek, i am on my computer 6-10 hours daily. I want my computer to perform when needed. I work from home. My girls took their Mac's when they went off to school. I was distraut.
I went on the IBM website site, and there was Lenovo's logo. I searched the site, and eventually ended up on a refurbished Think Pad.
I read the info on the computer and called the 800# and talked to the Rep. It has been two years, I bought the T61, and am in the market for the the T520. It is the perfect fit for me. It is quick and stable, it is dependable and totally
made to order regardless of my crazy pace. The T model is the work horse who never stops
its superior performance and endurance.
Review 14 for ThinkPad T520
OverallOverall Rating 
3 out of 5
3 out of 5

Not up to Thinkpad reputation

Date:09 March 2012
" Not as good as my previous Thinkpads. Too much plastic and flimsy feel. It was a little better priced than usual so I guess that counts. But I expected a rugged and high quality Thinkpad business class laptop and it's feels closer to the consumer version Ideapad. "
Review 15 for ThinkPad T520
OverallOverall Rating 
3 out of 5
3 out of 5

More consumer, not business quality, than expected

Date:09 March 2012
" Have had many Thinkpads and expected this one to have same 'feel' but was dissapointed. Its an OK laptop but 1) has more of a plasticy feel than I was expecting 2) the perfomance with the i5 processor and Windows7 was ok, but does not appreciably better than my 3 yo R61i Thinkpad and 3) I also use a Dell Lattitude E6410 and a Mac Air and both feel significantly higher quality.
Again, the T520 is ok, just not up to my expectations for a business Thinkpad. "
Review 16 for ThinkPad T520
OverallOverall Rating 
5 out of 5
5 out of 5

Outstanding Machine

Date:07 March 2012
" I've been using computers for almost 20 years, and I'm always looking for a computer that's
1) Powerful
2) Well-built
3) Easy to use
4) Helpful
The ThinkPad series is all of these. I'm very impressed.
The Lenovo ThinkVantage suite is by far the most helpful pre-installed software package I've seen. I've used other brands and usually end up removing the pre-installed software, however this one looks like it's staying. The options for battery usage, cooling, sleep, and screen settings are way more in depth than what comes standard with the OS.
On top of that, the ability to use the TrackPoint or the touchpad separately or together is a nice touch. I actually prefer the trackpoint, and to be able to quickly disable the touchpad makes it a lot easier to avoid mistakes when moving files.
I expect this laptop to last for at least 5 years, maybe longer, as it seems to be built solid.
Overall, the T520 is an outstanding machine and I would highly recommend it, especially when considering the value added with the Lenovo software and build quality. "
Review 17 for ThinkPad T520
OverallOverall Rating 
5 out of 5
5 out of 5

A well built machine with solid performance

Date:28 February 2012
" Having been using Thinkpad for the last 12 years, and used X301, T60P, T42, T20, all of them execellent machines. Last month I was wondering if I should get a W-series workstation to work on my photos, but as Windows 8 is coming, and many new exciting hardware will be introduced, I decided to order this T520 instead. I upgraded to i7 processor, FHD screen, 8GB Ram, 1GB video card, and it's still a lot cheaper than the W series. Processing large amount of photo is quite smooth, and I am very happy with it. One problem I had was that even though I ordered 3 year Norton Internet Security subscription, I kept getting message from Norton saying my 30-day trial has expired. "
Review 18 for ThinkPad T520
OverallOverall Rating 
5 out of 5
5 out of 5

ThinkPad T520

Date:27 February 2012
" I have no complaints, this laptop performs like the workhorse i expected. "
Review 19 for ThinkPad T520
OverallOverall Rating 
5 out of 5
5 out of 5

Solid, Reliable Lenovo

Date:23 February 2012
" This is my second T-series Lenovo notebook. Prior notebook had Windows XP Pro and ran flawlessly for 5 years of continuous business usage. Due to proprietary software upgrades, I needed more hard drive storage, a faster processor, and more RAM. I purchased the T520 500G, Core i7, 6G RAM, 15.6 HD+LED screen with Smart Card Reader, running Windows 7 Pro. Once again, a solid machine capable of running all my proprietary software flawlessly.
Within a month, the Lenovo ThinkVantage Toolbox alerted me to a hardware issue with the system board. After running my own tests, I contacted Lenovo support. I explained to the technician that this was my only business computer and that I needed the quickest resolution possible. Rather than having me ship the machine to Atlanta, the technician put me in touch with a Lenovo Partner nearby, who courteously and quickly replaced the system board and had me up and running within a couple of hours.
Thank you, Lenovo, for your consistent reliable quality and service! Can't imagine ever buying another brand. "
Review 20 for ThinkPad T520
OverallOverall Rating 
5 out of 5
5 out of 5

Best buy in the Laptop arena

Date:22 February 2012
" I am a ThinkPad user and have been for many years. This is my 5th ThinkPad and each one was enhanced over the previous one. Great product and well worth it's value. I like the way it performs and operates and is easy to use and set up. I am a trackpoint user and prefer over a mouse. Pricer performer and great product. "