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Miixed review? - no, very good

Datum:31. Juli 2014
I have successfully replaced an X200 laptop and an iPad with a single, much lighter device, for combined personal and business use. I have the i5/256G.
Compromises: a few. Office 2013 came out with too many IMAP bugs, but 2010 is not very tablet friendly. Windows 8.1 is thin on apps, but it has all I want. The UI of the tablet keyboard leaves various things to be desired (pops up too often; obscures documents behind rather than sitting below them; etc)
Advantages: Portability. Fairly rugged. Far fewer cables to carry. Fits in a briefcase. I can read, write and search emails in bed; in the office, anywhere. It works well with external screen/keyboard/mouse in an office environment; on your lap as a laptop; and even on a train, standing, to read and write emails as a tablet.
I've been looking to combine the functions of my previous 5 year old laptop and 3 year old tablet for years: this was the first product able to do it under £1000.