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Affordable, family friendly 21.5” all-in-one PC with a space saving design,entertainment features, and Intel® processing.

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Kundenbewertungen für Lenovo C560
Bewertung 1 für Lenovo C560
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Sleek piece of kit

Datum:18. Juli 2014
lovely pc ,im 50 ,only been really using pc,s for around 10yrs,so not your IT specialist but know how to navigate around making life a little easier.
So this is absolutely perfect for our needs (my wife,dont think the cat uses it when we,re out?), its got windows 8.1 which is better than a window 8 system ,by .1 ,yeh!
seriously ,had it for several months now & I love it ,its so easy to use,navigate around ,apps,emails,games,work,whatever your using it for,its perfect!
a bonus its an all-in-one,no more bulky,in the way modems.
love it,would highly recommend it & trust me in my 10+yrs on pc,s ,sort of crashing 1 or 2 along the way ,this 1 is by far my favourite,for ease of use & performance,reliability.
100% spot on.
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Bewertung 2 für Lenovo C560
4 von 5
4 von 5

Mixed bag

Datum:8. April 2014
Worth saying that the computer is well priced, has good features and comes with Windows 8.1 (better than windows8). Because I have set up a couple of 8.1 machines it was relatively straight forward.
As with other brands, the wifi card is not very good, it can't pick up the signal that my 8 year old lap top, ipad and 5 year old dongle all pick up.
Finally be aware that the keyboard and mouse use a USB socket each. Between them, dongle, printer and remote hard-drive (to take advantage of the Lenovo back up system) I only have one USB port to use on a daily basis. Still a USB hub costs a lot less than the price gap to the nearest competitor, so the C560 is excellent value for money.
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